Check the pipework on your next whirlpool bath

Pegasus Whirlpool baths are proudly showing their innovative 4th Generation total draining pipework on the front page of their website. It works on gravity – quite simply, what goes up must come down! Pumping the water up to the venturi from the base of the bath ensures that when the bath empties, all the water will drain back down to the base and out through the special draining pop up waste supplied with every Pegasus Whirlpool Bath.

To see an example of a bath fitted with this new 4th Generation pipework, Click here: & click on your mouse and drag it from left to right to make the image rotate through 360 degrees vertically and horizontally.

If you were thinking of buying a cheap whirlpool bath, be sure to ask the vendor if they are willing to show you all their pipework and guarantee that it will all drain to the very last drop… If your whirlpool bath doesn’t drain all the water after use, you will experience hygiene problems and, over the years, it will undoubtedly cost you more than you initially saved in terms of time and money spent on specialist whirlbath cleansers

BETTE Steel bath adapted to Pegasus Whirlpool Bath
Pegasus whirlpool bath rectangular Bette Steel bath